How To Use Cricut

How to Use Cricut Cutters

If you want to learn how to use Cricut machines then these instructional DVDs will take you by the hand and give you detailed step by step instructions for the Cricut Personal Cutter, Cricut Expression machine, Cricut Expression 2, Cricut Create, Cricut Imagine and even the hand held Gypsy. You will learn how to use the Cricut cutter and make delightful craft projects at the same time, no boring manual or short tutorial here. There is even a two disc set for all you vinyl users filled with three hours worth of how to help.

Ever wondered how to etch glass with your Cricket cutter? Learn how to monogram glassware for parties or personalized gifts. It’s all part of the Cricut Vinylology DVD. You will watch how to reuse and layer vinyl, adding it to walls, windows, cars or tee shirts. Find out the different types of vinyl and how to apply it using both wet and dry applications.

Cricut Help Videos

Have you been struggling with your Cricut Imagine, your not alone. It’s a fantastic machine filled with powerful potential if only you can get it to do all it’s capable of, that’s where the Cricut Imagine A to Z DVD two disc set comes to the rescue. It comes with over twenty easy to follow lessons and a whopping fifteen step by step projects. After watching the videos you will have the confidence you need to master any Cricut craft project.

You love the portable Gypsy design studio but are you sure you know how to use all it’s features. You will after watching the Cricut Gypsy tutorial video, you’ll learn secret tips and techniques not included in the manual. Become an expert in welding, kerning, rotating, flipping, skewing, creating custom shapes and cutting multiple pieces of paper at once and much, much more.

Cricut Project Ideas

With the Cricut projects DVD volume one, two and three, you will benefit from expert advise as they show you how to use Cricut machines while making cool stuff like plaques, boxes, wall art, greeting cards, gift toppers, party favors and of course scrapbook layouts.

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