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Gypsy Handheld Design Studio for Cricut

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Gypsy Cricut Pros And Cons

Gypsy Or Cricut Gypsy

Gypsy Cricut, what is it and what can it do? Those of you with active imaginations, and the ability to get it from your brain to your hands, are referred to as creative by those of us who are not quite so artsy. Wouldn’t it be nice when you get a great idea, not to have to put it off until later, when you can actually deal with it? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a great idea for a story but have nowhere to write it down; thinking surely I’ll be able to remember it when I try to bring it up later in my mental file… and I can’t. The idea is gone.

But rest assured that this doesn’t have to happen with Cricut Gypsy. You can be in your backyard or traveling and you can still have an enjoyable experience while being creative… All at the same time! The Gypsy is responsible for your Cricut cartridge storage; it allows you to find just the right shape or idea with an easy search. It is adaptable to any Cricutmachine. Provo Craft has hit a home run with this little beauty.

Capabilities of Provo Crafts Gypsy Cricut

The  Gypsy has the amazing capacity to store up to 7000  cartridges. This Cricut app helps you to do all of the following:
Flip Search Stretch Slants Group Designed Rotate and Weld
Oh and did I mention having lots of fun while doing all of those? Of course, any amazing advancement in technology has good and bad points. The  Gypsy’s no exception. Reviewers have given this little hand held art studio 4½ out of five stars, so clearly it is a well liked device. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews.

Probably the biggest praise that the Gypsy received was due to the fact that people – sick of carrying around zillions of cartridges – can now simply carry around just the Gypsy. The Design Studio, now available in a hand held version, is another favorite of arts and crafts-loving people on the go.

The only major complaint about the Cricut Gypsy seems to revolve around technological know-how. Those with a technical background seem to have less trouble with their Gypsy than those without. Any one that was confused or troubled by its setup, once they were educated and experienced in its usage, grew to absolutely love it. Other complaints geared toward one specific device have been rectified through customer service.

In a nutshell
The Gypsy Cricut from Provo Craft has lots of accessories from its own little strap included clutch bag to silicone cover sets with designs such as butterflies, owls, and cherry blossoms. There are plastic screen protectors which I strongly advise purchasing. A Gypsy travel case is perfect for those on the go and colors of the silicon sets come in solid colors or dual combinations. Your choices are red, gold, green, black, white, pink and blue. And for goodness sake, don’t forget your AC adapter/power supply and car charger/power supply. Now get out there and enjoy the ability to create on the go!

For a quick start guide and Gypsy manual, just follow the above link and scroll to the bottom of the page to get the pdf files.

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