Cricut Vinyl Pros n Cons

Cricut Vinyl Is A Cut Above

cricut vinyl How to work with Cricut vinyl. The Cricut Expression machines can do some amazing sniping and clipping, but no die cutting machine is complete without something to cut. Cricut vinyl is the answer. It comes in multiple color choices, sheets, rolls, transfer tape and works perfectly with the Cricut Cutters for paper.

Vinyl For Cricut Machine

One would think that colored vinyl is colored vinyl… not so. Take a look:
Comes in self adhesive
Comes in assortment kits with multiple colors of 12 x 24 rolls
Also sold singly in two roll packs
Available in sheets instead of rolls
Also available in 6 x 12 rolls
Available in 6” x 3000 ft. clear vinyl transfer tape roll (that’s a lot of vinyl!)
Comes in 12 x 12 inch rolls
Comes in an additional option of repositionable adhesive
Included in some ‘all included bundles’
In general – More than 45 colors in multiple sizes
Also comes in a sweet colored metal flake design!


The many pros of Cricut vinyl are responsible for its five out of five star rating. The vinyl transfer tape received four and a half out of five star rating. Numerous users loved the heat transfer vinyl and will purchase it time and time again over any other. They particularly appreciated the price and availability of just the right vinyl to suit each specific project needs.

The fact that this can be used with your other Cricut products such as their cartridges means no more buying expensive precut designs from other companies. These people found the product easy to use and loved its variety. The creativity capable with the Cricut product line is limited only by the creativity and imagination of its user.


One user/reviewer of the vinyl found it difficult to use. They felt that the backing was difficult to remove and stuck to the mat, thereby creating waste. I feel it necessary here to point out that this was the only negative review I could find on this product. Let me add the remedy to this problem, the Cricut spatula or tool kit.

Cricut Vinyl Decorating Ideas Book

craft cinyl decorating book

Use the self adhesive vinyl cut out shapes to decorate for parties; make signs, decorate the walls of your child’s room, personalize items, cell phones, laptops, decorate the covers of scrap books or notebooks, add color and fun to dressers, toy boxes, baby cribs and more. If you can design it you can decorate all most any surface with the multi colored self sticking vinyl for Cricut.

Other Cricut supplies frequently used are the cuting mats, spatula, storage binders, squeegee, shoulder bags or totes, replaceable blades for the die cut machine and the acrylic block stamp kit. The entire Cricut line of products is an arts and crafts lover’s dream come true. The many cartridges available are helpful for the scrapbooker or any other creative minded individual.

Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape FAQ’S

Some common questions users asked were, can you use Cricut vinyl outside? Yes. Look for outdoor vinyl or exterior grade, that way it will stand up to the elements.

Can I remove Cricut vinyl from the wall? You sure can. The adhesive backed vinyl peels off, that way you can change your wall art or wallies as often as you want.

Can Cricut cake cut vinyl? If you do you void it’s warranty. Only food based material is to be cut in the Cricut Cake machine. Plus you would get paper fibers and glue in your frosting sheets and grease and sugar on your vinyl cut outs.

Kudos to Provo Craft for creating a multifaceted solution for endless craft projects with Cricut vinyl.

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