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Cricut Mini Cutting Machine

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Is The Cricut Mini What You’ve Waited For?

Introducing the Cricut Mini, the simple, compact member of the Cricut family of die cutting machines created by Provo Craft. This little bug may be small but it’s extremely precise and detailed cutting capability let’s you take on any craft project involving paper, cardstock, metal foil, plastic, vinyl, magnetic material and even fabric. Just insert the cartridge and cut letters, designs and shapes from 1/4″ to 11 1/4″ on the 8 1/2″ x 12″ cutting mat.

The one big difference between this and other Cricut machines is that you must be connected to the Internet and use the Cricut Craft Room software on your laptop or desktop PC to operate the Cricut Mini.

What Is The Cricut Craft Room?

It is Cricut software that you can either download and install or use the online version to design artwork using a virtual mat and the complete Cricut cartridge library. Now you can practice your design skills with out wasting paper. It is PC and Mac friendly and requires a standard Internet connection.

Some of the features include one touch welding, image grouping, resizing, drag and drop technology as well as a simple search function to quickly locate images in the library. While everyone can use Craft Room to create and manipulate images, you must own the cartridges you want to cut the designs from.

You can also use it with all Cricutmachines including the Gypsy and Design Studio. While the Craft Room may have some similar functions it does not replace the hand held Gypsy or DesignStudio which does not require an Internet connection.

How do I connect the Cricut Mini to the Craft Room? After installing it on your computer, plug your machine into your computer using a USB A/B cable. Open the software and sign in with your Cricut account. If your Cricut machine requires a firmware update, you may be prompted to update your machine.

What is the difference between the installed version and the online version? The downloaded version lets you cut, design and save once you have installed in on your computer and connected it to your Cricutmachine. Make sure you have the correct Cricut machine drivers installed on your computer. You also need an Internet connection to use this version. The online version allows you to design and save from anywhere all you need in an Internet web browser. When you are ready to design, save or cut projects just log on to your desktop version of the Cricut Craft Room you use it with the Cricut Mini.

Cricut Mini Personal Electronic Cutter

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Here are the Cricut Craftroom software requirements.

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