Cricut Mats

Features Of The Cricut Cutting Mats

Cricut mats are an essential part of your arts and crafts projects when using your die cutting machine. Cricut vinyl is a high quality material used in projects for the creative minded individual. Shapes and letters can be cut on the Cricut Expression cutting machine or any of the other models. The Cricut cutting mat coupled with the Provo Craft Cricut toolkit can make your next paper cutting project a whole lot easier.

The mat comes in 12 inches by 24 inches two packs
Fits perfectly with the 12 inch by 24 inch self adhesive Cricut vinyl
Also comes in 6 by 12 and 12 by 12 inches
Goop that builds up is easily removed (see pros)
Can be found in money saving two packs

The mats, after several uses, can become goopy or sticky and littered with anything that will stick to them. A number of users figured out a couple of ways to clean their Cricut mats without damaging them, and have now been using the same mat for well over a year. Dawn liquid dish soap and a scrubby will clean up your mats. Don’t be afraid to scrub relatively hard and then put them on dish towels to dry overnight.
The next morning should find your Cricut cutting mats to be practically like new with the proper stickiness intact. If the proper level of stickiness on the mat is too sticky, and your scrapbooking papers are sticking to it, you can remedy this situation by either touching your hands to the mat all over it to reduce the stickiness (this is not a highly recommended procedure however due to the acid in your hands) or pressing a white tee shirt onto the mat before your initial use. Some of the cotton fibers stick to the mat, making it less of an adhesive against your paper.
The major con when it came to Cricut mats was the fact that they get sticky or gooped up after a lot of usage. If these people would read the blogs offered by Provocraft’s Cricut users, they would already know how to clean the mats. Also, if you’ve got a cat that jumps around, he’s going to have one heck of a surprise if he lies down on this mat! Seriously this was one complaint; one lady’s cat got stuck to the mat. There goes an entry for America’s Funniest Home Videos!

People who love to knit, do scrapbooking or just love arts and crafts in general will greatly appreciate these essential supplies and thank the Proco Craft company for their complete line of Cricut products and accessories.

Provo Craft’s line of Cricut products is a great gift idea for anyone involved in paper crafts or for children that are always asking “what can I do… I’m bored”. For those of you who are short on craft ideas, there are endless blogs and programs on the Internet to assist you in your artsy endeavors.

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