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Cricut Jukebox Cartridge Station

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Cricut Jukebox What Is It?

What is the Cricut Jukebox? At first, it looks like a little carrying case which, in essence, it is. The beauty is however that even though it has the capability to allow its user a choice between 18 Cricut cartridges (three jukeboxes need to be linked up for 18 cartridges) the actual choice to switch cartridges is executed by the simple push of a button. All by itself, it will hold six overlays and handbooks and is capable of hooking up with any Cricutmachine. Alone, without the three unit hookup, the Jukebox carries six cartridges. The system is simple and complete.

Product features
1. A brief description of the Cricut Jukebox contains the following characteristics:
2. Compact size measuring approximately 9 inches by 9 ½ inches by 6 inches
3. A 4-foot cable available as an accessory
The Jukebox is included in ‘all included bundle packs’ also containing Cricut Expression and Cricut Design Studio

Cricut Jukebox Reviews

The Cricut Jukebox continues to receive rave reviews. The bundled packs in which it came, however, received mostly 4 ½ to 5 stars out of a possible 5 star rating. I could not find any complaints about the Jukebox specifically. Systems utilizing the Jukebox received minor complaints regarding complex set up, but the Jukebox itself is pretty much plug and play simple. It holds your six cartridges and allows you the easiest possible method of cartridge changing by a simple little push of a button. It just can’t get any easier than that. The same people that had trouble with the initial setup however, once the set was up and running, were absolutely hooked on it. A love affair was born!

The system around the Jukebox may take some getting used to but this device by itself is a dream come true for those who are tired of having to switch cartridges every time they switch ideas. Once you’re on a roll of creativity, it’s hard to slam on the brakes, switch gears and then pop the clutch to accelerate back up to your creative top speed. The Cricut Jukebox puts an end to that frustration. And by utilizing three Jukebox units, those six cartridges increase to 18 cartridges! Imagine having 18 different options all at the push of a button… all at the same time. It boggles the mind.

The additional accessories or units that are sometimes purchased along with the Jukebox are cutting mats (including measuring grids), Cricket cutting machines and replacement blades for such, Cricut Design Studio software, Cricut cartridge binder, embossing folder, a spatula tool, cardstock pad and any one of the Cricut line of products for the creative minded.

Even if you’re not creative, or don’t think you are, the Provo Craft, Cricut line of products can help you change the ideas in your head into reality. Everyone needs a little help now and then!

Arts and craft lovers, scrap bookers and Cricut cutter fans will absolutely love this technological advancement. Its convenient carrying handle, along with the optional 4 foot cable (which is longer than the cable that is included with the Jukebox), allows you a little bit of flexibility rather than being tightly restrained and confined to your desk, workstation or table.

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