Cricut Ideas

Cricut Ideas For Fun And Profit

These Cricut ideas go hand and hand with your Cricket cutter or can be separate craft projects the whole family can have fun with, not to mention earn a little extra income doing fun stuff your enjoy.

We all know the Cricutmachine is used in scrapbooking, card making, home decorating, glass etching, wall art, cake decorating and paper crafts of all kind.

But what about hand made soap, candle making, jewelry design, candy bouquets, spa products or the countless other easy craft items you can make and sell. Why not combine them both, here’s what I mean.

Use the Cricket cutter to cut stencils to paint designs on candles, soap or glass bottles. Or try etching the glass candle holders or bath salts jar.

Create magnetic signs advertising your new hobby with Cricut vinyl and put it on your car door. Make a banner to hang over your booth at craft fairs.

So, you get the idea, these Cricut ideas below are some of the most popular projects and easy crafts, enjoyed by young and old, check them out to see which craft project you can turn into a profitable hobby or just have fun with.

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The spa industry is the fourth largest leisure industry in the US. Cash in
on the spa experience 126 recipes, tips and secrets only the professional knows.

cricut-projects Learn how to make editable candy arrangements that sell. These gift baskets are good enough to eat, everybody loves um.
crafts-for-kids Crafts for kids of all ages. Listen to parent reviews how easy and fun the
projects are. Keep children busy, learning and expanding their
arts-and-crafts The candle makers workshop right at home, teaches you the do’s and dont’s
of making beautiful candles. Even if your experienced you will still learn from this teacher.
easy-crafts Soap making video. Go from beginner to expert with these step by step
tutorials. Customize your handmade soap to fit every occasion, it’ the
perfect gift.
cricut-crafts Expert crafter shares her tips and tricks on selling hand crafted jewelry at
shows, fairs and craft festivals. Take advantage of her years of valuable experience.
crafts-for-adults Here’s one for the man in your life. How to turn bits of wire into beautiful
hand made jewelry that sells like hot cakes. Andy makes his living at it!
sell-crafts Now that you have all these Cricut ideas how do you sell them? That’s where
this how to sell crafts guide comes in. Discover which crafts sell the best and why.
how-to-sell-crafts Package up you Cricut crafts in these cute 3D gift boxes. You customers will
brag about your creativity. Word of mouth advertising means more sales.

Crafts For Adults

Ladies, looking for something to get your husband involved in crafting? Give him a pair of pliers and a spool of wire and watch him create beautiful wire jewelry.

Crafts For Kids

Oh, I all most forgot while you are busy creating fantastic arts and crafts you will want to keep the kids happy, why not get them involved in crafts for kids too.

Turn Cricut Craft Ideas Into Cash

Cricut ideas are everywhere, just look around. You can come up with a brand new arts and crafts idea or improve on or add your own unique twist to an old project. Here are some more suggestions to get you thinking.

Remember the pet rock craze? If that idea made it’s owner rich just think of the beautiful Cricut crafts you make, it’s like money in the bank. Talk to friends and share ideas, look to the past for inspiration. If a fad was popular before, you can breath new life into it and make it popular again. Instead of viewing TV commercials as annoying look to them as research that sparks an idea. And last but not least if your craft idea can solve a problem you hit the jack pot.

If you are looking for Cricut scrapbooking ideas visit this page.

So when your Cricut ideas makes you your first million, I expect my ten percent, LOL

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