Cricut Ideas How To Decorate Cakes With Cricut Software

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New Cricut Ideas That Can Make You Money

cricut-ideasThink Cricut ideas are just for scrapbooking and paper crafts? Computerized cake decoration is now possible with the Cricut Cake machine and computer software.

With the help of the Cricut cartridges an endless variety of shapes and designs can be cut and applied to any dessert. To create custom one of a kind Cricut projects just connect your Cricket cutter to the Gypsy Cricut or Design Studio and never run out of cake decorating ideas again.

Understanding Cricut software can be challenging, so get help.

Cricut Ideas – Cutting Gum Paste The Right Way

Gum paste will be crumbly and stiff or may even be a little hard when it comes out of the tub. Gently knead a portion of the gum paste until it becomes pliable and easy to work. If it is too stiff to work with, heat in the microwave for about 10 seconds. If you wish to color the gum paste, knead in gel-based food coloring until desired color is achieved and color is evenly distributed.

Lightly dust both sides with a cornstarch and powdered sugar mixture. Using a rolling pin or a pasta machine, roll out to about 1/16″ thick. Apply to a greased Cricut Cake mat. Smooth out all the air bubbles using the smoother from the or a rolling pin. Press down firmly to ensure the gum paste is adhered to the mat and that the air bubbles are gone. Place mat in the freezer for about 30 minutes to make it firmer for cutting. Remove mat from freezer and immediately place in the Cricut Cake machine.

Use directional arrows to move the cutting blade ½” from top and side edges. Medium speed and pressure are recommended for best results. For best results, cut images 3″ or larger.

Cricut Ideas – How To Cut Gum Paste With The Cricket Cutter

1. Why do you use cornstarch and powdered sugar when you roll out the gum paste? This is the ideal mixture since cornstarch will make the gum paste a bit slippery and powdered sugar will make the gum paste stick slightly, reducing the slipperiness.

2. Can I use flour to roll out the gum paste? No. Gum paste does not contain flour. Adding flour will create an undesirable texture and

3. Can I use any kind of food coloring to color my gum paste?
No. The food coloring normally found in a grocery store has a very high water content. Adding water to gum paste will make it sticky and ruin it. We recommend that you use gel food coloring (found in the cake decorating section of many craft stores) to color your gum paste. It is concentrated and will require less to color the gum paste.

4. What does gum paste taste like? It tastes very similar to fondant (the very smooth covering popular on many cakes). It is very sweet and has a gummy, chewy texture.

5. Why do you recommend medium pressure for cutting? Since you are only cutting through soft food materials, this is all the pressure that is required. Only use enough pressure to cut completely through the food material you are using. By using heavier pressure, you are cutting into the mat. This will shorten the life of your mat and your blade.

6. Why do you recommend medium speed for cutting? Since you are cutting through fairly thick materials, this will ensure a clean, even cut.

7. Can I reuse my scraps of gum paste? Yes, just put them in a sealed plastic bag until you are ready to use them. When you are ready, remove them from the bag and begin kneading until the gum paste becomes smooth and flexible (if necessary, place the gum paste in the microwave for 10 seconds). Re-roll the gum paste and you are ready to cut it again.

Use these Cricut cake ideas and start impressing family and friends with your hand crafted confections. You do not need to be a professional caterer to make a few extra bucks in the kitchen. With the Cricut cutter, turning desserts into cash is oh so sweet! It’s one of the easiest cake decorating tools around. Here are tips for cutting Cricut cake frosting sheets.

Cricut Project Ideas

If you want to use your Cricut cutter for even more projects check out these suggestions. You can turn Cricut ideas into a fun profitable hobby.

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