Cricut How To Install Design Studio Software

Cricut How To Install Design Studio Software On Your Computer


Stop pulling your hair out trying to figure how the Cricut Design Studio software works and get help. Video tutorials and step by step guide to learning Cricut software is now available.

IMPORTANT: Follow these instructions BEFORE connecting your Cricutmachine to your computer. This ensures the proper drivers are installed.

These instructions will let you know what to expect in the installation process and get your system configured for your Cricut Design Studio. Please follow the instructions carefully. You can also refer to the User Manual for more information if needed.

Cricut How To Install CD

Step One: Make sure you are running one of the following Windows versions: XP Service Pack 2 is currently the most common system in the market. So if you are running XP you are most likely on this update. The same goes for Vista 32-Bit. It is the most common version of Vista.

Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or Windows Vista (32-Bit only)
NOTE: The Cricut Design Studio is currently not compatible with Macintosh computers, at this time but, maybe in the future.

Step Two: Be sure to close all applications before beginning the installation.

1. Insert the Design Studio CD you purchased from into your CD drive of your computer.

2. When the Setup Wizard appears, follow the instructions. The Setup Wizard will present the End User License Agreement, then have you choose an installation location. The default location it will show should work just fine. After choosing the installation location, the program will perform the install and let you know when it’s done. Just click on “Finish” to complete the installation.

Step Three: This is all it will take on most systems. Then you just run the Design Studio by double clicking the new link on your Desktop or via the Start / Programs / Cricut DesignStudio link. However, since each system out there is different, there are a few things that may happen during the installation or at first launch that you should be aware of. Please note the following possibilities:

Wait Time at the dotnetfx Window. At a certain stage of the install you may encounter a few minutes of apparently no activity at the following screen. Please rest assured that the installation is going forward and may take upwards of 8 minutes to continue to the next step.

User Account Run As Window when launching the software the first time. Depending upon your user permission settings you may encounter this Window asking which account you want to use to run the program. It is VERY important that you keep the selection on the Current User AND uncheck the “Protect…” box. Otherwise the Design Studio will not have the right to run correctly on your system. Don’t worry, this process applies ONLY to how this software interacts with your Windows system and impacts nothing else.

Cricut How To

At this point you are ready to continue connecting your Cricutmachine to your computer. Refer to your User Manual if you still need help. For even more Cricut how to help and instruction read the post on troubleshooting software.

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