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cricut design studioThe Cricut Design Studio manual to the rescue! If you are one of the many frustrated software users who spend more time learning what not to do with the Cricut software than actually using it, then this manual is just what you need. I’m sure you have noticed the Design Studio does not come with a detailed instruction manual. You are left on your own to learn how to use the software, but not to worry, there is help available.

It’s always easier to watch someone and then do it yourself that’s why these 12 step by step video tutorials and instruction guide book make learning DS fast and simple. Anyone can go from beginner to expert, creating beautiful Cricut designs in no time with these Cricut Design Studio help videos.

The 12 step by step videos and instruction manual take you by the hand and guide you through installing the Cricut software on your computer, making fantastic cut files and even updating Design Studio via the Internet. It’s just like having your very own scrapbooking teacher guiding you.

If you are struggling to learn the Cricut Design software stop wasting your valuable scrap booking time and get expert help. Get the most out of your die cut machine and start creating beautiful Cricut projects, the fast and easy way.

Here is a look inside the Design studio manual. These simple easy to follow videos will teach you what you need to know about your Cricut software. In addition to the tutorials you have the 68 page instruction guide book for easy reference. The guide book is a PDF file you just download and save on you computer. When you want to watch the videos you just click the link in the ebook to watch the videos, it’s that easy! Take a peek inside the manual …

Cricut Design Studio Help

Screen overview understanding the virtual cutting mat
Cartridge library how to sort by favorites, categories or keywords
Shape properties flip, slant, rotate, nudge, kerning and more
The trick to copying and pasting whole images
Updating Design Studio and converting files
Understanding the keypad
How to make basic cuts
Shadow manipulated images
Creating a shadow
Burping an image
Welding images
Welding and kerning images

Cricut Design Studio Welding

Learn welding at your own pace. Watch the videos over and over again, it’s easier to learn with step by step instructions explaining all the details you need to know to get the most out of the Cricut software.

To see the two choices mentioned in the video just check out the Cricut Design Studio manual.

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