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The Cricut cards ideas book is here to help. If you are looking to expand your card making skills and stretch your imagination, then this Cricut book on card making found on eBay, might be of help to you. Not all of us are graphic designers, but we know what we like and just need a bit of inspiration and help to get our creative juices going.

Even if you do not own all the Cricut cartridges mentioned in the book substitutes can be made. Similar designs and fonts can be found on more than one cartridge.

Cricut Card Projects

Just think of all the reasons you want to give someone a greeting card. Instead of buying one you can create a unique one of a kind Cricut cards that says just what you want. It may even be kept by the recipient, for years as a treasured memento. If you are looking for Cricut cards ideas, here are a few customer reviews from those who bought the Cricut books or check out these 50 card making templates.

Read Cricut Book Reviews From Happy Customers

This was a great book. I didn’t have all the cartridges they used in making the cards, but I was able to find what i need on others I did own. I went through my book and wrote out the name of my cartridge which matched up. It makes it quick and so easy to use, I just love the book.

Cricut Cutter Ideas

This book has got to be the best book for the Cricut cutters. It tells you step by step on making cards. I’ve done a couple of the cards in the book, and have had very little problem constructing them. My only complaint is that this book is not bigger than it its.

The dvd with the Cricut Expressions that I got, is so limited on craft ideas, that this book makes up for it. I understand why this book is so popular and why it was out of stock when I purchased it.

This book shows just how many ways you can use your Cricut scrapbooking tool, it is loaded with ideas. I don’t think I will ever buy another card. My Scrapbook now has titles as well as embellishment that I can now add. My friends are now buying the Cricutmachine and sending off for the book.

Cricut How To Ideas

These Cricut books have a lot of great card ideas to get you started making cards. You can make the cards suggested and then use it to expand your Cricut cards ideas. You don’t have to stick to just these specific designs but look through your cartridges and see what else you can make using the ideas in this book.

This book is awesome. I do not have all of the cartridges that are used in this book but the creations in this book make me want to get them. I hope this helps you to decide to purchase this Cricut card making book. I am very happy with my purchase.

For more Cricut projects or Cricut cards ideas visit these suggestions.

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