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Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter, Kitchen Red

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Cricut Mini Cake, Red

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Cricket Cutter Now Decorates Cakes

What Makes ThisĀ Cricket cutter Different?

cricket cutterAll parts that come in contact with food are made from food safe plastic or stainless steel. This makes the Cricut Cake machine safe for cutting food materials. We have specially designed the blade and blade housing to cut food materials better. We’ve also added silicone protective covers to protect the machine and make clean up easier. This machine was specially designed for cutting food materials.

What can be cut with the Cricket Cutter for Cakes?

Besides frosting sheets, gum paste, and fondant, we have had success cutting cookie dough, cheese, tortillas, modeling chocolate, gum, and various soft candies. This machine will cut through soft food materials. This will require you to experiment to get the right consistency of food and the proper settings on the machine.

Learn how to decorate cakes and never be stuck for a cake decorating idea again. Step by step how to guides make cake decorating easy. Discover cake decorating techniques only the professionals know and turn edible cake decorations into cash. Create novelty cakes or even start your own cake decorating business with the new Cricket cutter for cakes.

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