Craft Vinyl Home Decorating Ideas

Craft Vinyl Home Decorating Ideas Galore

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Cricut Vinyl Ideas


If you own a Cricut machine you know one of the most popular things to cut is vinyl. It’s pretty easy to work with its loads of fun and it sticks to almost any surface like walls, glass, metal, wood, stone, cloth and most plastics.

The home decorating ideas book is written for the experienced crafter as well as someone who never tried cutting vinyl before. You’ll become an expert in no time learning how to find the right type of craft vinyl that works perfect for your projects, how to cut vinyl and apply it to different surfaces plus quick solutions to common problems and much more.

Whether you’re looking for handmade gift ideas, tons of home decor ideas or you want to turn your love of crafting into a home-based business that pays for your supplies and puts a little cash in your wallet the Craft Vinyl Decorating book is here to help. These do-it-yourself crafts will keep you busy creating beautiful Cricut vinyl projects for family and friends.

By the time you’re finished reading the book you should have the knowledge to enjoy making vinyl projects with your Cricut cutter — minus the stress.

A ton of Cricut Vinyl Projects for gifts and home decor.



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