Cake Decorating Techniques

Fondant Cake Decorating

These cake decorating techniques will show you the easy way to decorate cakes. From Wilton cake decorating videos to sugarcraft tips and tricks, you will understand how to bake a great cake, see how to make fondant icing, color cake icing and learn the best way to ice a cake. You will learn the fundamentals of decorating, learning each technique the right way for superior results.

I have reviewed four cake decorating courses here and will highlight your choices so you can find the tricks of the trade that all bakers use when decorating cakes. If you are looking for a cake decorating video course, audio course, bakers forums or just downloadable ebooks, you have come to the right place.

Wilton Cake Decorating

Wilton cake decorating or sometimes searched for as wilson cake decorating. This cake decorating video course will save you hours of valuable time and resources. A fabulous forum, full of enthusiastic members will share their knowledge and experience. You also receive

* Exclusive, step-by-step video instruction.

* Award-winning cake and cookie decorators on-staff to answer your every question.

* Full email support for questions and video requests.

* We also have cookie designs, candy, and seasonal items. It’s not just cakes.

Wilton cake decorating videos. Step by step cake decorating video course, now your cakes will look just like those the professional baker whips up. Every cake recipe included in this cake baking and decorating course will produce 3 or more totally different looking and tasting cakes You will discover the magic formula that turns complicated cakes into a simple quick mix method that will save you time and effort. Learn to decorate the same cake in different ways, so your friends think it’s an entirely new and unique cake. Know which cakes travel, or last, better than others.


In the art of cake decorating you will learn surprising ways to make sugar free icing and ways to substitute alternative ingredients to make your cakes suite any diet. Where are the best places to purchase cake decorating supplies. Learn the 3 most popular forms of cake decorating and foolproof tips for baking the perfect dessert. Learn the most popular cake decorating techniques and styles plus the elegant designs you can make using just the 4 basic cake icing tips.

Go from an amateur to a professional, learn how to became a professional cake decorator in a week. Discover the secrets to topping, filling, and embellishing your cakes. Learn how to whip frosting, dust, glaze, and enhance your cake design with embellishments and edible cake decorations. Design a cake for every occasion creating cakes for weddings, showers, anniversaries or any special event with these cake decorating techniques.

Discover even more cake decorating techniques only the professionals know. Learn how to make theme or novelty cakes or even how to start a cake decorating business. Turn edible cake decorations into a fun profitable hobby with a Cricut Cake machine.

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