Cricut Vinyl Lettering

Cricut vinyl paper comes as adhesive-backed sheets, in rolls and tape. Vinyl comes in a wide range of colors as well as a matte, glossy or metallic finish for all your trendy home decor, signs and crafting ideas.

Vinyl lettering is perfect for expressing your favorite sayings on walls. The vinyl is adhesive backed and will last more than six years outside and last indefinitely inside. The vinyl for Cricut will stick to almost anything with a smooth surface like windows, cars, computers, walls, etc. It sticks to wood, glass, and paint too. Make your own bumper stickers, customize your ipod and wrap your cell phone, with the new animal print Cricut vinyl, how cool is that!

Vinyl For Cricut

You can even start a sign making business. Custom printed signs are great for advertising local political campaigns, real estate, remodeling and construction. Companies are always looking for low cost ways of attracting new business. Use the Cricut vinyl to make yard signs, banners, magnetic car signs, coroplast signs and even window displays.

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If you are curious about ways to make your hobby pay for itself check out these Cricut ideas that make money. Here is a quick tip. Visit the sign shops in your area and ask them if they will sell you their vinyl scraps. They are to small for them to reuse but may still fit your Cricut cutter. They may even be glad to get rid of them for free, its worth a phone call to find out.  And of course you would want to make them a thank you card with your Cricket machine.

Cricut vinyl
lettering in all the cool decorating colors.