Cricut Color Inks

Cricut Color Inks are small three inch markers that come in four different color collections Basic, Primary, Sophisticated and Fashion. Five pens in different shades in each package.

# Cricut inks allow you to draw any shape from the Cricut Cartridges
# Ink pens allow you to draw as well as cut with your Cricket machine
# Simply replace the blade assembly with the Cricut Color Inks to draw

Here is how to use the Cricut inks. After you have replaced the blade housing with the pen you then load the paper and cutting mat, make a selection from the keypad, and press the cut button. The Cricut machine will then draw the selection with the inserted ink pen.

Use this technique for card making and other crafts. It works great when combined with Cricut cutouts. You can draw every shape that your machine can cut, or you can outline shapes and then cut them out.

Cricut pens are easy to use. Just replace the blades with these quick, clean inks and draw every shape and letter that your cartridges can cut. Cricut color inks are archival quality, acid free and waterproof.

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Cricut pens
come in many fashionable colors.