How To Make Cricut Cutting Mats Last Longer

Cricut cutting mats have a tacky surface to hold the paper in place for all those intricate paper cuts. Using two or more mats lets you cut one thing while working on another. Mats can last any where from 25 to 50 full mat cuts depending on the paper being used. Avoid using a spray adhesive with the Cricut mat or your Cricut machine as that will void the warranty.

Want to keep your craft projects moving have several Cricket mats on hand to keep the cutting going. By having several cutting mats, you do not have to change out your paper as often. When working on a scrapbook page with multiple colors, try putting one sheet of paper on each mat, it saves wear and tear on the mat because you are not taking the paper on and off as much.

Each mat has easy to read ruler and grid markings for convenience and accuracy.

Tips to extend the life of your Cricket cutting mat is recommended by The Provo Craft company, they say to rotate several mats to extend their wear.

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How long does your Cricut cutting mat last? Read about the pros and con of using Cricut mats.