Keep Cricut Blades On Hand

Cricut blades
need to be replaced from time to time. There are three Cricut replacement blades and one Cricut blade for deep cuts.

The Trimmer Replacement Score are blades just sharp enough to crease and score paper to make it easier to fold.

The Trimmer Replacement Blades are sharp enough to cut paper in half. Using these blades to make 6 by 12 sheets of paper which fit onto the Cricut machine cutting mat.

The main Cricut blade will need to be replaced when the blades get dull. You will notice that the cuts are not as clean and crisp as before. The number of cuts each blade is good for will vary depending on what kind material you are cutting.

For all those deep cuts you will want to use the recommended deep cut Cricut blade when cutting magnets, chipboard and stamps.

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Keep your Cricket cutters performing at their best by using sharp Cricut blades.