Cricut Rewards What Are They

cricut rewards codesEvery time you buy a Cricut cartridge you accumulate points which add up to Cricut Rewards. Inside cartridges are Cricut coupons, these certificates are worth 50 90 100 200 or 500 points. When you collect enough points you redeem them for free stuff like Cricket machine bundles, cartridges, Cuttlekids die cutter, YourStory Book binder laminating tool, Gypsy Cricut plus silicone skins, matching stylus and lanyards, Cricut keychain photo holder and scrapbook kits.

New prizes will be added from time to time.Here are a few frequently asked questions about Cricut Reward codes to help you get started. The Provo Craft company runs specials to make it easier for you to collect Cricut points. Currently Cricut Lite cartridges are worth double points. Make sure to check back to see how to get the most points to redeem for your favorite Cricut gifts and merchandise.

Cricut Rewards Coupon

What do I Do With The Cricut Coupons? Sign up at US residents only. Enter the reward certificate numbers from the voucher inside the Cricut cart you bought.

Do not use SKU numbers, serial numbers or other information found on the packaging. Codes on the Cricut coupons are verified and your points add up in your account until you are ready to redeem them.

Will The Cricut Rewards Expire? No. They do not have an expiration date. You just enter them into your account and watch them accumulate until you have enough Cricut points to get the prizes you want. Once you have redeemed your points you can not use them again.

Do All Cricket Cartridges Earn Points?No. Only those that were released for individual sale in 2008 and after. Sorry, cartridges released in 2006 or 2007 do not earn any Cricut points. Those that came with your Cricket machine are not eligible either.

Cricut Rewards Points For Cartridges

How Many Points Do I Need?To start turning your points into actual Cricut Rewards all you need is 400 points. You can save your points for better prizes. The number of points needed is as follows:


No Cricut Reward Coupon Now What?If you have an eligible cartridges that did not include a Cricut Reward certificate you can log into your account and request one. Look for the link that says Enter Cricut Rewards and follow the directions.

What Happens After I Redeem My Cricutrewards?Log into you account if you have accumulated enough points, select the gift you want and follow the simple instructions. In about seven to ten days your prize will be delivered.

Win Free Cartridges With Reward Codes