Cricut Supplies For Crafting Fun

One stop shopping for all your Cricut supplies. Wide selection of die cutting accessories, tools and cartridges. Keep extra cutting mats on hand and replacement blades too.

Never run out of paper, vinyl or color ink pens for all your craft projects. Take your Cricket cutting machine with you in a storage tote bag on wheels. If  you are into digital scrapbooking then Design Studio or the Gypsy will come in handy in creating those gorgeous designs. Did you know you can share your cut files with friends or download them from the Internet? And that both the Gypsy and Cricket software are compatible with each other.

Free Cricut Accessories

Arts and crafts can be expensive, so why not get your Cricut accessories free? Here is a list of the free Cricut supplies you can get with the Cricut reward program.

IF you want to see the list of cartridges and how many points each one earns just visit the blog post Cricut rewards cartridges list. Finding the right Cricut accessories for all your craft projects is easy here at the Cricket store.

Our Cricut supplies are arranged for your shopping pleasure.