Gypsy Cricut

Gypsy Cricut from Provo Craft is a portable, hand held, personal design studio for use with your Cricket cutter. It allows you to store Cricut cartridge content, design with that content and then connect to your Cricket machine to cut. Your Cricut Gypsy is updated by connecting it to a PC or a MAC with an Internet connection. Gypsy is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit and Windows 7. Macintosh computers are also compatible with MAC OS X 10.5 and above. For the best price on the Gypsy accessories look for bundle deals.

It's small compact size lets you design where and when you want. It's easy to take your entire Cricut cartridge library with you wherever you go. You do not need to be at home by your machine when you get that creative idea. Now you can put all that wasted time waiting for appointments or ridding in the car to good use by designing and creating fantastic cut files with the portable Gypsy..

When your designs are complete you simply connect the Provo Craft Gypsy to the Cricut cutter and cut. You can now you to see all your images without using the manual or keypad overlay. You can work with saved designs by opening them and using them as templates for new designs. Can't find the shape you were looking for, just search by keyword to find the perfect image.

The Gypsy Cricut allows you to select images from the library of cartridges and place them on an electronic version of the cutting mat. Once an image is on the mat you will be able to size, rotate, stretch, flip it from side to side, flip it from top to bottom, group images making them easier to move, edit or weld.

For step by step video tutorials to help you understand Cricut Design Studio visit Cricut software.

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Provo Craft Gypsy Cricut Features

Technical specifications
Size 8.5 x 3.75 x 1.3
Weight 11 ounces
Screen Size 4.7 2.3" tall and 4.1" wide
Stylus Length 3.75
Storage approximately 7,000 cartridges, 10,000+ designs
Battery Life 4 hours under continuous use and 16 hours under intermittent use
Compatible with all Cricut machines and cartridges
2 Full content cartridges preloaded (Gypsy Wanderings, Gypsy Fonts)
Memory 4 GB

Gypsy Cricut accessories include...
AC power cord
USB cord
Gypsy to Cricut cord
Gypsy to Jukebox - cartridge cord
Gypsy fabric case

How to Setup The Gypsy Cricut

Using a cable that comes with Gypsy Cricut you connect your cartridges to the unit one at a time and link them to your Gypsy. The act of linking allows you to cut all the artwork from linked cartridges from your Gypsy without having to reconnect the cartridge to the Gypsy or your Cricket cutting machine.

With the Gypsy  you can store the manuals and overlays for all the cartridges, as well as photos, designs, craft projects and templates for future use. Built in layout board let's you view your project before you cut the paper.

You don't have to have the Design Studio to make the Gypsy work, they complement each other adding versatility to your scrapbooking die cut machines.

A common problem with Cricut products is that they lack of comprehensive product guide books. You are left on your own to learn how to use the software. Fortunately a step by step user manual for the Cricut Design Studio and Cricut Gypsy are now available.

Cricut Gypsy Manual

Get your manual, instructions and FAQ's available for download.

Gypsy Cricut quick start guide in a pdf file and the Gypsy  user manual